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Chase Sutton is a photo editor for POLITICO based in New York City. As a photo editor, he commissions original photography and researches wires and photo archives to engage POLITICO’s audience and highlight the impact of policymakers' decisions on people’s lives. 
Chase also has experience as a photojournalist with a focus on politics and sports. He has documented the 2020 presidential election, Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate protests, and the initial Covid-19 outbreak in New York City. He has also photographed sporting events like the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, the Copa America Centenario soccer tournament, and the the New York/Boston marathons. 
Chase graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in communication with a concentration in critical journalism and a minor in journalistic writing. He spent all four years at Penn as a photographer and editor for The Daily Pennsylvanian, the student newspaper. Chase attended Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII in 2020 and The Kalish workshop in 2023.

Chase is on Instagram @chasesutton99 and Twitter @chase_sutton99.

Select Recognition:
Society For News Design — Award of Excellence, Photography Design (May 2023)
College Photographer of the Year – Silver, Sports Portfolio (Oct. 2021)
College Media Association - 1st Place, Sports News and Sports Feature Photo (Oct. 2021)
NPPA Q1 Student Contest – 1st Place, Sports Action and 2nd Place, General News (April 2021)
White House News Photographers Association Student Award – Finalist (Feb. 2021)
The Daily Pennsylvanian Lifetime Achievement Award (Jan. 2021)
Associated College Press Sports Photograph of the Year (Nov. 2019)

Photo by Kylie Cooper